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I was not a cat fancier as a child. Cats made me sneeze and I loved dogs. Shortly after moving to California, one morning I woke up and had to have a cat. Off to the pet store I trotted. My first cat, Tasia, was adopted from a neighborhood pet store. She was dropped off in a basket on the back step! Tasia was a lot of fun and taught me how to be a cat mom. A few months later, I saw a picture of a Scottish Fold on the cover of Cat Fancy Magazine and fell in love. A Scottish Fold would be my next cat. Coincidentally, several weeks later a friend called me and said he had a Scottish Fold that needed a home. Greta, whose name I changed to Maxie, came to live with me. Maxie was wonderful and made me laugh a lot with all her Fold antics.

Maxie and Tasia were fed packaged cat food, wet and dry. Maxie got very sick and died when she was eight years old from liver problems. I was heartbroken. I knew there was a problem, and like most of us, I trusted my vet. Elevated liver enzyme was not a big deal according to him. I started wondering about diet and western medicine after the death of Maxie. A few years later I got another Scottish Fold, this time from a local breeder. My Special Therapy ("Therapy") got her name because I had just broken up with my boyfriend. As Tasia was not the most loving of cats, I sent her to live with my ex. A week later I adopted Audrey, a handicapped, straight-eared Fold. She had a CP-like condition. The two got along splendidly and I felt I had to protect them, so, I started reading everything I could about health and nutrition. I was shocked to learn about the low quality meat used in canned and dry cat food. I learned that dry food is detrimental on the kidneys because the kidneys have to work extra hard to digest the dry food, which can cause CRF (chronic renal failure). The cat may drink a little water after the dry meal, but surely on a full stomach, he will not get enough fluid.

One of my favorite books is called "The New Natural Cat," written by Anitra Frasier. I learned about natural and alternative remedies. Natural and homeopathic remedies deal with the underlying problem; looking for what causes a particular disease or illness, whereas western medication just concentrates on the immediate disease or illness. I followed Anitra's recipe and mixed up the supplements.

Two years later I adopted Afternoon Delight ("Deli"), an adult Scottish Fold. Deli took to the food immediately and I felt good about the raw diet. I saw such great results. The coats were softer and the eyes were clearer and the cats just looked healthier. Sweet little Audrey's condition worsened. Numerous tests were run, but there was nothing that could be done. During my search for natural and homeopathic remedies to prolong her life, I came across a breeder of naturally raised Tonkinese. They had such outgoing, friendly personalities. I always thought cats were aloof and snobby. A few weeks later I purchased one of those funny looking cats with big ears and a muzzle! I wasn't used to the look. Oliver Twist, my platinum mink male was so active and picked on poor slow Audrey, that I had to get another Tonk for company. Nathan Detroit, my platinum point male came to live with me a few weeks later. Oliver and Nathan became immediate friends, grooming each other and sleeping together, and getting into all kinds of mischief around the house. Audrey was quite relieved not to be pounced on by Oliver quite as much. I was in love with the Tonkinese breed. Audrey was a sweet loving girl, but the other two Folds were quite aloof and independent.

In 1997 Oliver and I went to our first cat show in Santa Monica, California. He wasn't too thrilled, but I had a ball. He eventually became a Grand Premier and since he did not enjoy the show circuit, he was retired. My next show cat was ChestnutRose "Chester." Chester is the love of my life. He is my very special little boy, very gentle, loving and kind. When I first took Chester to a show, people looked at me kinda funny because Chester had no color, just a hershey kiss chocolate nose! Chester's color finally came in at eight months old. In his first ring as a Premier, he got Best Short Hair Premier, Best Allbreed Premier and Best Cat. No one looked at me funny after that! He loves the show circuit and loves to show off. I am proud to say that he is CFA's National Best of Breed and National Best of Color in Premiership and CFA's Fifth Best Cat in Premiership Region 5 for the 1999-2000 season. I am so proud of my boy. He is the reason I decided to breed. I want everyone to experience a Chester. I searched for the perfect girl. She had to have an exceptional personality and background. I purchased Kiss Me Kate ("Katie") from Sheryl Zink in Texas. Katie has a terrific personality. She is the happiest cat I know. I think she was born to kiss. Hence, the start of my breeding program.

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