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Accessories and Supplements

Helpful Accessories

Maverick Meat Grinder
Maverick Meat Grinder

Grinds bones!

Villaware Meat Grinder

Grinds bones!

Poultry Shears, #118970
For cutting up chicken necks!

Juiceman Juicer

VitaMin Mix
Order pre-made supplements on line and forget all the mixing and measuring!

Bus Boy Tub, #106806
Big enough for mixing a double batch of my Basic Raw Food Recipe!

Waring Juicer
Waring Juicer

For on-line shopping, Vitamin Shoppe and Solid Gold have all the supplements needed, so I have listed each product with its order number. Vitamin Shoppe does not allow banners on webpages, so please let them know I sent you!

(from Vitamin Shoppe)

Solgar Co.® Bone Meal Powder


Vitamin B - 100 mg

#VS-1054 or #VS 1055

Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract ("GSE")


Taurine w/B-6, 500 mg

#VS-1237 or #VS-1238



Psyllium Husks


Vitamin E Capsules


Solaray® Salmon Oil Capsules


(from Solid Gold 1-800-364-4863 or go to the website to find a distributor near you)

Bone Meal, 2 lb. container


Seameal, 16 oz


(from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables)

Kelp Powder


Dulse Powder


Chester Storage Containers Chester

For one or two cats - Ziploc Salad Size
For three or four cats - Ziploc Tall Entree Size

Optional Supplements
(from Vitamin Shoppe)

Co-Q 10


Feline Multivitamin




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