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Grooming A Tonkinese

The key to a well groomed Tonkinese is in the bathing,
so make sure you have learned to bathe your cat.

Grooming Supplies

Rubber Brush
Coat Gloss
Mink Oil
Bay Rum
Pet Silk

~ After you have set up your benching area, take out all your grooming supplies and get ready to groom ~

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  • Never groom your cat's face!
  • Brush your cat to remove any dead hair.
  • Make an analysis of the show hall.  Is it dry, humid, or normal?
  • Feel your cat 's fur.  Does he have static?  Does he feel dry?  Generally, your cat will feel dry when you are in the desert or when it is cold outside and the heat is turned on.
  • If you feel static, spray some Anti-Stat onto you hands and rub together.  Then rub your hands back and forth on your cats back, underside and tail.  When you feel the moisture going away, continue to rub from the head to the tail.
  • If you feel the cat is dry, spray a tiny amount of Mink Oil into your hands and rub all over the cat.  Mink Oil is very potent, so make sure you only use a small amount.  If your cat does not feel dry, do not use this.
  • Spray three squirts of Texturizer into your hands and rub together.  Rub this all over your cat from head to tail.
  • Spray three squirts of Coat Gloss into your hand and rub together.  Rub this all over your cat, from head to tail.
  • Squirt one tiny drop of Pet Silk into your hands and rub together.  Lightly dab your cat all over, then rub your hands over your cat, from the head to the tail.  Use more if necessary.
  • Rub your cat from the head to the tail with the chamois.
  • You are now ready to take your cat to the judging area.
  • These instructions are just a guideline.  You will learn the proper amounts as you become familiar with the feel of your cats coat.

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