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Available Adults and Kittens
Sales Policies


We do not have kittens available at this time, however, we have several young retired
adults that need good homes.  If you think you may be interested in a Selkatz kitten, see our Sales Policies section below, and e-mail us if you would like to reserve a Selkatz kitten.   The next litter is planned for May 2004.  Click to see photos of a prior litter.

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We occasionally have adults cats who have been retired from our breeding program.  To understand why breeders sometimes place adult cats, see this

Tonkinese adults
  • Platinum Solid male born 3-27-97 - Oliver Twist ("Oliver")
  • Champagne Mink female born 12-20-98 - Kiss Me Kate ("Katie")
  • Champagne Mink male born 11-16-00 - Jacob Ben Johnny ("Jacob")
  • Champagne Solid female born 11-16-00 - Hannah Brown ("Hannah")
  • Champagne Mink male born 11-16-00 - Ain't Misbehavin' ("Avi")
  • Platinum Mink female born 5-14-01 - Lily Mars
  • Champagne Solid female born 5-14-01 - Hershey's Kisses ("Hershey")
We also have two female Scottish Folds available.
  • Brown Patched Tabby female born 10-10-93
  • Cream and White Van female born 12-4-94

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Sales Policies



At Selkatz we screen our pet buyers to make sure there is a good match of kitten to new owner.  When you contact us, be prepared to answer questions about your housing, family members and past and current pet ownership.  If you are new to pet ownership, now would be a good time to start your search for a veterinarian you feel comfortable with.  Also feel free to ask any questions you may have, we will do our best to answer.

If price is the most important issue for you, we suggest you look elsewhere - you can surely find a pet for less money if that is your main goal - our goal is to raise healthy, well-adjusted Tonkinese kittens, and it's an expensive undertaking.  Alternatively, just because you are willing to pay our asking price doesn't necessarily mean you will get a kitten from us - it is important that both the new owner and the kitten be happy, and that the kitten get proper health care, love and affection during its lifetime.  Our pet buyers make a lifetime commitment to the health and happiness of the kitten.


All pet kittens are spayed and neutered before delivery to the new owner.  This has the advantage to you as the new pet owner as the kittens are brought back to familiar surroundings to recover, which greatly reduces their stress level.  When you pick up your kitten, there is no need to worry about future surgery or the risk of problems or complications associated with spaying and neutering.  Kittens are sold between 14-16 weeks of age depending on maturity.  At this age they have had all their kitten vaccinations and have been fully socialized.  Occasionally we may keep kittens a little longer.  Tonkinese mature slowly, and sometimes it takes a few extra months to determine whether a kitten will be suitable for showing.

Sometimes buyers want to get their kitten at a younger age, feeling that a younger kitten will bond better with the new owner.  This theory may apply to puppies, but does not apply to kittens.  Kittens need to be properly trained and socialized by the adult cats and humans before they are ready to go to new homes. Since we give the final kitten vaccinations at 14 weeks, the new owner doesn't ever have to worry about vaccinations.  For more information, see the article entitled "
How Young is Too Young."

Pet buyers sign a contract agreeing not to declaw the kitten, not allow the kitten to go outside, and to feed the kitten a fresh raw food diet.  The
contract spells out the duties of both buyer and seller so that there are no questions about what was agreed upon.

Selkatz represents that kittens have been carefully monitored since birth by a licensed veterinarian and are FeLV negative and presently free of disease.

We occasionally ship our cats depending on the time of year and circumstance.  We live in Boynton Beach, Florida and use the West Palm Beach International Airport.  As we frequently travel to shows throughout the East Coast, it is possible to make arrangements to meet you to deliver a kitten.

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